Dec 16, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things...

Do you have any favorite homeschool "things" to share with all?

Here are a few of mine...

1. Flashmaster...a bit pricey ($50.00), but well worth it. My girls struggled for years to learn their math facts (and I won't share all the stories involving tears!). I bought this a few years ago and it was worth every penny. I make my kids use it for 5-20 minutes every day (depending on their age).

2. Apologia's science curriculum for elem/middle school. It's not too "text-bookish", nice and cheap ($35.00), written with a strong Christian perspective and completely do-able for moms like me that end up generally pushing science stuff to the end of the list. Being honest here: My (poor) kids never do most of the experiments. And even without the experiments, it's a good science curriculum. LOVE IT!

3. Reading list...I have my kids write down every book that they read throughout the year. I make a very basic chart for them to fill out (title, author, date completed) during the year. I heard a college professor say that every homeschooled student should keep a log of all the books he/she has read since 8th grade and include it as part of his/her high school transcripts. My kids take guesses at how many books they can read during the year. They love to see their progress. And even though my kids aren't in 8th grade yet, I think it is a good thing to do.

Anything you wish you knew about earlier? Or couldn't survive without? I'd love to hear your things! julia.