Mar 27, 2009


My sister-in-law just tipped me off to this idea yesterday and I plan on buying the e-book. I think this might be great help with the little ones in our family, especially when we come home with Dorothy and I want to have a stream of ready activities for Lael while I continue homeschooling the older kids and holding and bonding with the newest family member.

Without reading the details outlined in the e-book, I gather it is a system for organizing individual assignments or activities in a way that your child begins to self-initiate their learning, taking responsibility for what needs to be done. Since the parent prepares the boxes the night before, it also eliminates disinterest on the part of the student while they wait for the next activity or task to be ready for their participation (no gathering art supplies, no fumbling for the right worksheet, no decision time over which puzzle... all while the child wanders off to the next room).

A quick Google of "workbox homeschool" turns up a number of homeschoolers who have implemented this system and offered their feedback and photos of how they're using the tips.

If you currently use this system, I'd be interested in hearing your comments!

Mar 16, 2009

Scrabble Apple

OKay I heard of the Banana Gram from a friend of mine and she really likes it. I did not find it but I did find the Scrabble Apple ($7 at Wal-Mart). So today it was so beautiful outside we did her spelling list with the scrabble tiles - it was fun! Harder than I thought it would be. But just another fun way to do spelling - which is NOT my strongest subject!! I am so grateful for spell check :-)

It was such a beautiful day in the neighborhood we HAD to be outside!!! I know now you are singing the Mr. Roger's song too - aren't you!!! tee hee hee

Mar 6, 2009

One of My FAV.'s

Homeschooling Section
if you haven't already.

I love it.


I hope everyone has some sunny weather this weekend.

Tomorrow in Mississippi........a high of 80.

We are going to the zoo.


Mar 2, 2009

Math Memorization

Our oldest is doing multiplication in the 3rd grade. He is a master of understanding the concept of multiplication, but struggles with memorization for having the facts "at the ready". We use Math U See math curriculum, and I find it great, but was looking for additional information/tips/techniques and came across this teaching tutorial. I could see it just as easily used for addition, the other commutative math principle.