Mar 27, 2009


My sister-in-law just tipped me off to this idea yesterday and I plan on buying the e-book. I think this might be great help with the little ones in our family, especially when we come home with Dorothy and I want to have a stream of ready activities for Lael while I continue homeschooling the older kids and holding and bonding with the newest family member.

Without reading the details outlined in the e-book, I gather it is a system for organizing individual assignments or activities in a way that your child begins to self-initiate their learning, taking responsibility for what needs to be done. Since the parent prepares the boxes the night before, it also eliminates disinterest on the part of the student while they wait for the next activity or task to be ready for their participation (no gathering art supplies, no fumbling for the right worksheet, no decision time over which puzzle... all while the child wanders off to the next room).

A quick Google of "workbox homeschool" turns up a number of homeschoolers who have implemented this system and offered their feedback and photos of how they're using the tips.

If you currently use this system, I'd be interested in hearing your comments!


Andrea said...

Awesome Idea!

I , of course ,would have to have metal tops and padlocks to keep Mary Elizabeth from pulling all of the books out and coloring all over everything!
This would work great for my older kids, though.


Anonymous said...

Oh I went to the site and bought the "Ebook" I really like the concept and it has been so much fun! Granted I didn't go buy the fancy clear boxes and shoe rack..I just used what I had around the houe. So the "boxes" are not matching but some are decorated with material, some are not. And I just used the shelves in the office - now I just need to figure out where to put that stuff! It will find a "home" - helps me get in the mood for "srping cleaning" YIKES! But all in all I really like it and the kdis have noticed mom is less stressed! BONUS!

Crunchy Momma said...

Andrea, I am so glad that you said something about that. With Esme (my precious little 2 and a half year old) running around I am just not sure the entire thing would not end up in a heap! Esme is one very curious little girl that would not have the will power to keep her hands off of this cool looking tool.

But I hope it works for folks!

Anonymous said...

I started this school year with 3 or 4 boxes. My son is 6. Its working out well so far!