Oct 8, 2008

Lemon Squares & Life Skills

Caleb had plans( with one of the guys) to watch a movie.
I hear"Mama, can you make those lemon squares for Benjamin & me?

I said,"No..but you can get in there and make them , if you want."
C-"Mama! You know I cannot make those!"
M-"Really? Do you have a physical disability that makes it impossible?"
C- "No."
M- "Do you have a reading comprehension problem that I am not aware of?"
C- "No."

M-" Well then, you can read the back of the box and follow the directions just like I can. "
C- " What if they do not turn out right?
M-" Then we can buy some more and you can try again later."
C- "Mama! PLEEAASSEE...Why can't you just do it for me?"
M- " Because I am busy and because I am not the ones who wants to eat Lemon Squares...You are."
C- " Oh Yeah!"

So Caleb, Hannah, and Ben got busy.
The squares turned out great.
His buddy thinks Caleb can give Emeril a run for his money
(when it comes to lemon squares) and Mr. Caleb was quite proud of himself.

I was ,too.

My future daughter-in-law BETTER appreciate all I am doing for her!


Rebecca said...

Your future daughter-in-law is very grateful. She told me so today. :) HA!

My girls have been baking up a storm lately too. They made pumpkin pie the other night. Gotta love those life skills!!!! Mmmmmmmmm. Heehee!


Kelly said...

That is too funny. My MIL is here and she introduced us to monkey bread. Well Conner learned from her how to make it - it was fabulous! Can't wait for him to show me how to make it! Teachng life skills ROCKS!!!!!