Nov 5, 2008

does it count? (!!)

Yesterday, I took took two of my kids (one was at grandma's) with me to vote. My five year old was disappointed that he didn't get to see John McCain or Barack Obama at our polling place. Uhmm, I had apparently neglected to explain to him that there was more than one place in the country to vote! I then proceeded to share with them what our country might look like if McCain were president and what it may look like if Obama were president. I tried to sum up all of the campaign promises and political differences between the two candidates while riding in the van and eating lunch. I'll spare you all my political/moral preaching on this subject...however, my kids couldn't escape it!! I drew a map on a scrap piece of paper and tried to explain the electoral college to them. I bought 5 bottles of laundry detergent at the grocery b/c it was 1/2 off. I was super excited about the deal and went on and on about how long the detergent would last us and how much we had saved AND how I could shuffle our weekly money so that I could go buy five more before the sale ended on Thursday. I sent them all outside for the afternoon b/c it was 75 degrees and will likely be 40 degrees this weekend. So, does it count as a school day? I'm thinking YES! I snuck in government, math, gym, a biblical worldview seminar, and a little bit of fun.

And, come on...doesn't anyone else want to share about a day at your house?! julia.


Andrea said...

I am going to do it when we get home. Things have ben so crazy around her lately , my post would have had only one word, "HELP!".


Andrea said...

See how crazy I am ,today!
I can't even spell "been".


Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

I haven't even been homeschooling the last few weeks. We're basically taking the rest of the semester off and will start up after we bring Owen home. Too much going on! We're still doing co-op and I'm having the kids read, but not much else!!

I took my kids with me to vote, too! The girls thought it was so interesting. The best part was that they gave us a Hershey kiss afterward. :)

And we've had beautiful weather too - my kids have been outside most days, and I'm glad; the cold is sneaking up on us SOON!!!


sally said...

i'm a homeschoolin mama to 2 (one 6year old from korea, 1 nearing 2yrs from taiwan)...
and I am having one of those days!! E-i-o!!
I guess it doesnt help that 4 days atago it was 75 and sunny and today it snowed. How will we make it through another minnesoty winter?? sigh.
oh well.
at least it's friday.
looking forward to a nice glass of wine and putting sweet kiddos tooooo bed.
hope to tune in again soon.

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Hear, hear... on the glass of wine and bedtime for the kiddos!! :)

babystepstoChina said...

That sounds like many of our days. And if we work in a worksheet or two, I count it a total success! Looking forward to hearing about other's "typical" homeschool days!