Jan 5, 2009

Just In Case You Are Interested.............

China Sprout has these Bad Boys for $19.95 per(Craftworks).
They also have Dragons, Pandas, a Phoenix, etc.
Our kids are going to put them together with craft glue and
paint them for Chinese New Year.


trina said...

Cute,cute. That sounds like so much fun! BTW, missed you while you were vacationing a few months ago. :)

Andrea said...

Girl! It has been CRAZY around here.
We are soooooo BEHIND WITH OUR WORK.

Not such a big deal with the little ones...but I would like the oldest one to be able to get into college..ya know since he's sayin' he's going inot medicine.

I struggle. I swear I am a CLOSET UNSCHOOLER!

I missed ya'll too.

I hope we can get this thing(blog) "back in the swing" for the new year.