Sep 4, 2008

Contributor Profile- Tisra


I am tickled to be participating in Rebecca's newest online project.  She is great at rallying others to bond over common interest for the purpose of encouragement and community!

My name is Tisra.  The rest of my family includes my husband of ten years, Eric, and our three children: Grant (8), Dean (5), and Lael (3).  We are currently in the process of adding another child through international adoption.  Our journey to adopt from Taiwan began over two years ago, we have been waiting on the list with our agency for 16 months, and it is a surprise when our little blessing will make an appearance!  Saying "surprise" makes the wait seem like fun, don't you think?  Seriously, though, we hope for a referral by years' end and to travel sometime next year.  Depending how we are matched, our daughter could be 6 months- 2 1/2 years old by the time she comes home.  God knows, and we trust Him with it all.

This year, we are homeschooling our children.  Grant is in 3rd grade, Dean is in kindergarten, and Lael is working on gathering normal preschool knowledge through play and short activities at the school table with her brothers.  We have previously participated in a homeschool academy offered by our church (Grant's K and 1st grade years).  Then last year, Grant attended our local public school.  Mostly, we are using Sonlight curriculum (Core 1).  I am doing grade specific Language Arts (3rd and K through Sonlight), and grade specific math (Primer and Gamma Math-U-See).  We are currently on our 5th week of homeschool.

My goal in participating in this blog is to be a realistic encouragement to those walking this same path.  I'm not perfect.  My days aren't all rosy.  But, I am already seeing the fruit in my children I set out to help grow.  And I think that is the main point- each person has a "mission statement" for why they are considering homeschool or doing homeschool.  I urge you to gather tips, techniques, and encouragement for the advancement of your specific homeschool goal or mission- and leave the rest behind, resisting the temptation to compare.  One of the easiest paths to discouragement and frustration over homeschooling comes about because we convince ourselves that we aren't doing it "right" or that some other family is better at homeschooling and has it more "together".  Friends, be free from that!

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Rebecca said...

Amen to that girlfriend!!! I think that is the biggest downfall in homeschooling - comparing ourselves to how another family does it, what their schedule is like, whether they are in co-op or not, etc. etc. Just like our families are unique, each person's homeschooling journey is going to be completely unique. And I doubt our personal journeys will even look the same year to year. Next year might be much different than how I am doing things this year!!

I also liked your emphasis on being realistic. That is my goal, too. I am on Day 3 and today I'm having a hard time juggling what I have on my plate (as compared to my rosy days 1 and 2.) :) But I know there will be those ups and downs, and I always appreciate it when other mamas can share them with me!

Thanks for your awesome introduction!


*Overflowing* said...

I'm glad to have found you ladies! We've been homeschooling since the beginning and it's been the most challenging but definitely most rewarding part of our lives.

We have 5 kiddos (11,7,5,2,2). We are also an adoptive family (1 bio, 3 open domestic, 1 china miracle) and prayerfully one more :)

Can't to read all your upcoming posts :)

blessings, stacy

sara said...

Nice to meet you :) We are on our second year of Sonlight - LOVe that it is all right "there". They have made an eclectic curriculum for us!

Jenn said...

Hi Tisra,

I SOOOOO agree with everything you have said! For so many of us, our biggest challenge is comparing ourselves with others...even when we know we are not to do that! This has always been a struggle with me, and I look forward to receiving encouragement from you!


Andrea said...

OK! TISRA, This is the first time I have seen a picture of your family.
Man, they are a good lookin' bunch.
So agree with and love your intro.
I think the best thing that we can do for each other is support each other's choices(I will go ahead and admit that I AM A *CLOSET* UNSCHOOLER) and pray for each other as much as we can.
I look forward to spending the school year with you gals!