Sep 13, 2008


The Sargent FamilyOkay this picture is VERY old, like 5 years ago! But I am usually the one behind the camera so it is rare that we have a family picture with me in it! YIKES - I guess I need to work on that! But here is our precious family. Sean, Conner, Sierra and Santa. Now I know you are thinking that Santa is not part of our family but on the contrary he is. I'll give you the Reader's Digest story. When I was the age of our children my grandparents took us (my brother and sister) every year to have breakfast with Santa. Well, all these years later my brother found a Santa to come to his house and start a Christmas holiday tradition for all of his children and nieces/nephews. Well low and behold this Santa is the exact same Santa we used to see at breakfast all those years ago! I know - COOL! And not only that, but we moved from AZ to CO Springs three years ago. And guess what - that Santa comes to CO Springs every year for a Christmas Expo, so last year we had him come to our house in The Springs!!! So you see, Santa is a part of our family.

Now here is a more recent picture of our children, Sierra (7) and Conner (9) Don't they look happy to start their school day!? We are using a myriad of things; Son Light for History, Bible, Reading, Spelling; Math U See - GAMMA and the kids LOVE it!! The are going pretty fast through it but that's okay I'd rather start off too easy since we are just beginning this process. But please let me know if that is a wrong idea that might bite us later! I know we are far from perfect so any advice I can get - I will surly use!!! Then we are using Exploring Creation with Jeannie Fulbright for Science; Handwriting is ABeka; and Grammar is Shurley Method. Okay I think that is it! I am so thankful for this site and I am looking forward to all of the knowledge I can glean from all you!!! Thank you so much!


Andrea said...

Nice to meet you, Kelly.

Your kids are precious!


sara said...

Glad to see you as a contributer. :)

Here's to a wonderful home school year!!

Rebecca said...

What a sweet family you have! I love the picture of Sierra & Conner... they definitely look like happy homeschoolers!! :)

We are eclectic with our curriculum, too... I think I will narrow down our favorites as I try different things.