Sep 19, 2008


I apologize for being MIA on this blog lately. I have had a rough week and have been in "survival mode" (ever been there? It stinks!) I am pulling it together, though. :) Tomorrow we're taking a day trip to a state park with Nanna & Papa (my parents) for some much-needed R&R. It's supposed to be beautiful weather!

Homeschooling has been going well, although it's not been without bumps in the road (resulting in a few bruises to my confidence!) I hear my daughters talking on the phone with their friends from public school and saying, "I wish I could go back to Jefferson". And then I asked them the other day how they have liked it so far, and they said they thought homeschooling was boring. What is interesting is that this came from my older 2, who have been in school before. Claire, my kindergartener, thinks homeschool is fun.

This is something parents need to realize, if they are pulling their children out of a traditional school setting and homeschooling them. It is a big adjustment not only for parents but kids too. When they have been somewhere for 7-8 hours a day with activities planned for every moment, tons of resources available, and teachers whose only job at school is to BE a teacher, they get used to this type of setting. Now, our 2 hours a day homeschooling on the couch seems a little dull. You add to that MORE CHORES around the house (yes, I am making them help me more - I CAN'T do this by myself!). It's understandable why they are feeling the way they do. But I am persevering. Why? Because it is good for them. They are learning LIFE SKILLS along with academics. They are learning that school is not the most important thing in life. It is AN important thing in life but we don't devote 7 hours a day to it. We play together, we fold laundry together, we bake cupcakes, we change diapers, we play trains with little Grant. Maybe the girls don't realize yet that "school" encompasses all these things... bookwork is just a small part of it. But someday I think they will. And I am still learning the routine of things. Once we have a good rhythm, I really believe it will be more enjoyable for them. They are used to more of a schedule, since they have been in public school, and I feel the need to establish more of a schedule here at home. It is hard to do (with the nature of my home business, and with my toddler!) but we are working on it.

I've appreciated so much the encouragement of other moms and also my wonderful CO-OP (which the girls DO love!!). I've met some great moms that I click with and the girls have made some new friends. We will keep at this thing. I pray my girls will grow to love being home... it is an adjustment right now, for them as well as for me. I've tried to be sensitive to the fact that they are adjusting, and give them lots of opportunities for socializing with their friends from Jefferson.

I guess if I can offer any encouragement to first-time homeschoolers, especially those who are pulling kids out of "regular school" - expect some tough adjustments at first, but keep at it! For me, I've decided to keep pushing forward until I feel God directing me differently. For now, I feel this is where He wants us to be. I know I will not regret having the freedom & flexibility this year to take time off and be together to bond after Owen comes home. If nothings else, that is reason enough for me to continue & persevere.


Andrea said...

You are doing a great job!
It will take a while for them to see what they are gaining.
Do not spend your time trying to make it more fun for them. Your job is to educate them, not entertain them.
The next time you hear them say that they are bored,say "You know..I think it is because I have not given you enough to do" and then pile it on for 2 or 3 days...
Then say, "Ya still bored." I bet you get a "NO!" :)
I am proud of you for giving them things to do around the house. Running a household should be a team effort. Children need to learn to be productive members of the family. If you ask them if they think they are ready to take on some grown-up responsibility, they are going to say 'yes' everytime. They want to show you that they are growing up.
You are doing a good thing for them, I promise.
On the days when you are tired and the kids are tired and everyone is grumpy- Break out the biggest picnic basket that you can find, pack a lunch, a thermos of coffee,a nature guide, bubbles, crayons and paper for nature drawings,ziploc bags(for bugs found), a copy of Little House In The Big Woods, and the CANON and find the prettiest spot in town.
You can do that.
Some days the important thing is just to be a family and make some memories. Do it 3 or 4 times a month if you need to.
The great thing about home-education is that you can"stop and smell the roses" whenever you need to. Do not be afraid to take advantage of all of the perks.
I will pray for things to run more smoothly, next week.
I know the other ladies will do the same.

I love you, Sister.

sara said...

There's one thing for sure, you are NOT hurting them by taking this year to BE a family and love one another as your family grows!! That is inspiration right there, you are so right! I admire you for taking this on at this crazy, hectic, beautiful time in your life!!