Sep 9, 2008

Our Intro

Hi! My name is Andrea.
We live in the Deep South.
Stacy & I are the parents of 5(and counting) wonderful children.
Caleb is 15 and a HS Freshman, Hannah will soon be 10 and is
in the 5th grade, Ben is 7 and is in the 1st 1/2 grade(you can do
that when you Home school), Rachel is 4 1/2 and is
a Kindergartner and Mary Elizabeth is 3 and is sitting in on
Rachel's session-doing everything but the I'm
not really sure what that makes her.
We have been educating our children for 9+ years.
All of my children learn differently ,so we do not used
a boxed curriculum.
We buy what best suits the child.
This year we are using Abeka, Alpha Omega,Apologia,
Explode the Code, Wordly Wise,Horizons Math, Teaching
Textbooks,Pathway, and Rosetta Stone.
Although it gets a little crazy...O.K. A lotta crazy...we love
having our children home with us and can not imagine
growing them any other way.
I am thrilled to be a part of this forum and look forward
to getting to know each of you.




Tisra said...

Glad to "meet" you Andrea! Your family is so lovely! I can't wait to read what you have to say since you've been at this so much longer!

Rebecca said...

OK that photo is too cute of ya'll. :)

Just so everyone knows... Ben & Caleb are already reserved for my daughters, so don't think about trying to make arrangements! Haha.

So excited to hear your perspective on things, Andrea!!!!


*Overflowing* said...

LOL...I LOVE your "5 and counting" comment...that would be us, too :)

It's very nice to meet you!

trina said...

Hi Andrea! I've been catching up on your blog and enjoying all the pictures! I think we originally "met" on the CCAI WC yahoo group. I'm looking forward to sharing with you all here. :)

Jenn said...

I'm looking forward to hear what you have to share!

What a beautiful family you have!


Jenna said...

OK- so I'm not a home schooling mom, but very much admire those of you that are- I couldn't do it (well, I could if that's what God called me to do, I guess, but I'm secretly relieved that He hasn't done that yet)! I have a friend who is though, so I was checking out this site to recommend to her.

Andrea....I had to say....I can't imagine you being quiet for 2 whole hours!!! :) You know I love you!!:) How does someone as bold and alive as you stay quiet for two whole hours.....I always think of you as going, going, going!! I'm glad to hear you take it easy a bit! :) Sawyer would be proud.....with his "lazy, comfy days"!

Andrea said...

GIRL! U SO CRAAAAZEEEE! maybe IIIII am not quiet for 2 hours...but they are. :)
I move so much that if I did not have some down time to re-group...I would be on meds.....STRONG ONES!