Sep 26, 2008


Good Morning Ladies!
Happy FRIDAY!!!
With the election just around the corner. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what they are using to help their children learn about the government and election process. I am really trying to NOT push my views on the kids but allow them to question and make their own observations. That is really difficult! Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else is doing anything with their school regarding the election. Thanks for any help.


Jenna said...

OK, I'm reading this blgo again even though I don't homeschool .I'm fascinated by home school though, so I read it. I'm weird. That's another story.

However, I'm also a teacher (or was before I stayed home), and I LOVE curriculum. So, here are my two best election recommendations:

First, a book called "See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Road to the White House". I only looked at it briefly, but it looked really good.

Best of all: "Schoolhouse Rock-Election Collection"- yes, THAT Schoolhouse Rock. They have a new DVD out specific to history of politics and our country and the election process. I LOVE Schoolhouse Rock for its memorable singability, so I highly recommend this.

Andrea said...

I guess I am going to have to go all "Darth Vader" on you..."Come Over To The Dark Side...":)

My two oldest..Caleb ,15 & Hannah,10 have always been interested in we just talk about it all the time. They know sooo much more than I did(Thankfully).
The "See How They Run" Book is GREAT..and Books-a-Million always has great books (in the children's ed section) on government and American History.
My kids love that cute little "Bill". I am going to have to google the Election Collection.
I think we need it. :)
Thanks, Jenna!


Andrea said...

OOOOO! You know what?! A mock election would be fun. You could let them run for President
and make a voting booth out of a Big frg. box, and you could make ballots nd they could really vote.
They could make campaign posters and buttons our of construction paper and glitter and safety pins.

Maybe you could do something like let the kids have a debate on what to do Next saturday night. They could speak before the whole family and then the whole family could vote.

Of course- to keep anyone from getting feelings hurt, you'd probably have to do the "Losers" thing on Sunday....but it would be fun.

Just a thought.

And yes! I, myself, am a large child.......:)
That's how I come up with all this junk.


Rebecca said...

I like the mock election idea!!!

The kiddos did stuff like this in public school. I might just try this, this week.

I don't have a fridge box, but maybe we could make a polling booth out of something else. :)

Laura said...

amanda bennett has a four week election unit study for $10.95. she has great unit studies.

here's the linky love--

i'm political but i don't always understand all of the process and how it i will probably learn quite a bit from this as well. cool how that works for us skoolin' mamas.

let me know if you decide to do it. we can bounce ideas off each other.